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  • A D V E R T I S E M E N T S While driving, the vehicle needed to make a hard stop. On stopping the vehicle brakes failed and the brake pedal hit the floor. Very lucky that no vehicle or pedestrian were hit. Car was approximately two miles from home. Drove remaining distance at 5 mph with parking brake only. On inspection discovered the two brake lines under the protective plastic were corroded. In addition, the three fuel lines are also severely rusted, and fuel is leaking from the return line. The corroded brake lines are lines 9 and 11 in the 1998 Honda Civic LX brake diagram. Line 11 is currently leaking leaving no brake pressure for the entire system. The fuel lines are pipes 15, 16 and 19 in the fuel line diagram with fuel line 19 leaking. The vehicle is currently awaiting to be serviced. Based on searches online for Honda vehicles, this is a fairly common occurrence especially in areas with high usage of salt such as the mid-West. Vehicle owners need to be notified of the dangerous and potentially deadly symptom. Why is there no recall or notification from Honda? in addition, the repair of all of these lines is very costly to the owners. - Mount Prospect, IL, USA

    A 98 Honda Civic brake line is just like any vehicle part; it can deteriorate over time, causing the need to replace it. Quality mechanics will always use the proper parts to replace damaged and broken parts. Skilled mechanics know that 1998 Honda Civic brake lines should always be replaced with the original replacement parts or the proper equivalent for safety. Failure to do so could still create problems, allow leaks, cause brake system damage, and create fatal accidents. Keeping the brakes lines maintained is best and replacements should be done by a professional that understands the importance of proper replacement.

  • Preventative maintenance is very important when it comes to 98 Honda Civic brake lines and the braking system. Preventative maintenance is an inspection and possible fix of any damage found on a regular basis. This keeps parts in good shape and corrects small problems before they become big problems. Big problems with a 1998 Honda Civic brake line can cause fatal accidents. Professional mechanics and auto repair shops are staffed by skilled technicians and mechanics that know how to find damaged parts like a broken or leaking 98 Honda Civic brake line. A vehicle should have a brake system check annually which includes the 1998 Honda Civic brake lines.

    The 98 Honda Civic brake line is what keeps brake fluid at a constant level and allows the brake system to work properly. The 1998 Honda Civic brake line uses fluid to keep the brakes lubricated and to keep pressure on the system so that air cannot penetrate the 98 Honda Civic brake lines. When air gets into a 1998 Honda Civic brake line it creates a space without fluid. When a person hits their brakes and air is in the 98 Honda Civic brake line, it causes a vehicle to keep going instead of stopping. This is dangerous and possibly even fatal. Keeping the 1998 Honda Civic brake lines in good repair is important for every vehicle owner.

  • A 1998 Honda Civic brake line has many turns and bends in it that can be hit when a vehicle bottoms out on the road. A 98 Honda Civic brake line can become damaged easily when traveling a poorly paved road. A 1998 Honda Civic brake line that is hit by rocks, bent from running over a pothole or debris in the road, or damaged from an accident will not protect the occupants. Any 1998 Honda Civic brake line damage must be replaced to maintain proper safety. Some signs that a 98 Honda Civic brake line needs inspected or replaced are visible fluid leaks from the 98 Honda Civic brake line, the brake pedal travels to the floor before stopping the vehicle, sometimes just barely, or a 1998 Honda Civic brake line has visible damage.

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A 98 Honda Civic brake line is a hollow tube of metal that runs between the master cylinder of a vehicle in the engine compartment to the underneath of a vehicle; it leads and connects to each wheel of a vehicle. The primary function of a 1998 Honda Civic brake line is to lubricate the brakes so that they move properly when the brakes are applied. Without proper fluid from the 98 Honda Civic brake line, the brake system cannot work correctly and accidents are inevitable. Leaks in the 1998 Honda Civic brake line allow dirt, debris, and air to get into the braking system. Dirt, debris, and air stop the brakes from working and can cause brakes to fail. 98 Honda Civic brake lines are an important part of the brake system that must be inspected regularly to maintain their effectiveness.