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Denso 478-0107 Receiver Drier
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Corvette Air Conditioning Receiver Drier, 1977Late-1982
Denso 478-1500 Receiver Drier
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911-930 Porsche Air Conditioning Receiver Drier Upgrade

UAC RD 10928C A/C Receiver Drier Mount Pad

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  • The Crown Air Conditioning Receiver Drier is a direct replacement part from Crown Automotive. It fits the above listed Jeep applications with R-12.

    The air conditioning receiver drier removes any moisture that may accumulate over time. Moisture can contribute significant damage to the various components in the AC system. Receiver/driers (AKA "filter/driers" or "receiver/dehydrators") are small reservoirs with an inlet and outlet located on the evaporator--which looks like a small radiator mounted in front of the radiator.

  • When the receiver drier on your 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 Corvette allows moisture build up, it can cause damage to other parts of your Corvette. Ecklers Corvette is proud to offer this replacement air conditioning receiver dryer. The receiver-drier must be changed each time a system is empty regardless of the reason for loss of refrigerant. It should also be changed every three years, because the desiccant pellets will break down and clog the expansion valve. This will in turn cause the system to become inoperable and May damage the compressor. Keep the air conditioning running smoothly on your Corvette with this receiver dryer. Trust Ecklers for all of your air conditioning needs. Did you know? Many people in our hobby refer to the air conditioning receiver drier as an air conditioning accumulator.

    The air conditioning receiver drier, sometimes referred to as the filter drier, functions just as its name would indicate: as the filter for the refrigerant system. These “filters” are cylindrical in shape and always have an inlet and an outlet. Receiver driers are always used on A/C systems which also have an expansion valve. When locating your receiver drier, you’ll find that they look similar to a metal tube or can, and will always be found on the high side of the refrigerant system, usually between the expansion valve inlet and the condenser outlet. Many later-model vehicles have the receiver drier built into or on the . Most of the time, when directly attached, the desiccant bag is replaceable by itself.

  • The Crown Air Conditioning Receiver Drier is an OE replacement part from Crown Automotive. For over 50 years, Crown Automotive has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Jeep vehicles. With over 8,000 different part numbers, including many factory-discontinued items, Crown offers exceptional quality that is only matched by an exceptional warranty.

Air Conditioning Receiver Drier

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