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  • Your AEM Performance Air Intake is simple to install, thanks to its included detailed instructions and full soft-mount hardware kit. It comes in four different finishes to dress up your engine bay. Your AEM Cold Air Intake System is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

    Most vehicles manufactured from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990s have thermostatic air intake systems that regulate the temperature of the air entering the engine's intake tract, providing warm air when the engine is cold and cold air when the engine is warm to maximize performance, efficiency, and fuel economy. With the advent of advanced emission controls and more advanced fuel injection methods modern vehicles do not have a thermostatic air intake system and the factory installed air intake draws unregulated cold air. Aftermarket cold air intake systems are marketed with claims of increased engine efficiency and performance. The putative principle behind a cold air intake is that cooler air has a higher , thus containing more oxygen per volume unit than warmer air.

  • Give your engine the kind of performance it deserves with an Airaid Cold Air Intake System. Everything you need to increase airflow to your engine and elicit monstrous horsepower and torque gains is included with each kit. Custom-designed and a breeze to install, a few different versions of these air intakes are available to ensure you get the exact one your vehicle needs.

    Hopefully this short article answers some of the questions you have about modifying your air intake system. If you have any questions that still aren't answered, please give our customer service department a call.

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    We found 377 results matching your criteria.

    4. How hard is it to install a cold air intake system? The difficulty level of the installation of an air intake varies quite a bit from vehicle to vehicle. Some installations of short ram intakes can be completed with basic hand tools in as little as 10 minutes. Typically only a basic socket and screwdriver set is all you will need to do the job yourself. The nice thing is that most of our intakes come with extensive instructions, complete with photos of your vehicle and photos of which bolt to loosen, etc. making the job doable for even someone who knows extremely little about cars.

Ford F-Series Air Intake Systems

A modern automobile air intake system has three main parts, an , , and . Some modern intake systems can be highly complex, and often include specially-designed to optimally distribute air and air/fuel mixture to each cylinder. Many cars today now include a to minimize the noise entering the cabin.[] Silencers impede air flow and create which reduce total power, so performance enthusiasts often remove them.[]