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Dual MAR16B Marine Flexible Mast AM/FM Antenna Black

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  • The antenna can be found attached to the fender, quarter panel, trunk lid, hatch, or roof depending on the car or truck. Its size and shape varies depending on the type of vehicle as well. Automotive radio antennas come in many configurations including but not limited to:

    Since a manual radio antenna doesn’t wear out, they are typically replaced on a car or truck due to damage from severe weather, vandalism, accidents, or drive-thru car washes. Much like an electric power window motor, a vehicle’s power radio antenna can wear out from long term use or a damaged whip cable inside of the mast. In this case, the antenna will be unable to extend or retract and will get stuck in some type of position, whether it be up, down, or somewhere in between. For automotive radio antennas that are built into the glass, scratches can break the traces or disconnect the wiring connection from the glass. In these cases, a replacement auto radio antenna assembly will be needed.

  • Auto antennas are an important part of your radio system and allow for the reception of the FM, FM Stereo, AM, Satellite, and now the High Definition (HD) signals sent out into the air by radio transmitters. It is the key to keeping that crystal-clear sound that you can hear pumping through your vehicle’s speakers.

    Delphi XM SKYFi 2 SiriusXM attendant Radio with home kit, remote and all accessories you see in the photos. The auto antenna is included and worked the in time this unit was in the car but has been frayed and taped. Home antenna works grat and can be old inside a car. No Returns Normal 0 false false untrue EN-US X-NONE X-NONE. Cassette adapter, Home Kit, A/C power adapter, lighter adapter, indoor antenna, knot of mounting pieces.

Skylark Auto Antenna Tracker In Action