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  • Automotive brake system or automobile brake system used in automobiles has come a long way in recent years. The adoption of anti lock brake systems along with the introduction of different brake parts made of carbon fiber, steel, aluminum etc have really provided better stopping performance in comparison with traditional ones. The major manufacturers of auto brake systems in the world are Bendix, Bosch, Delco, Continental Teves, Kelsey-Hayes, Nippondenso, Sumitomo, and Toyota.

    Blaise Pascal was a seventeenth-century French mathematician and philosopher who formulated the principle that a change of pressure at one point of a confined fluid is communicated undiminished to all parts of the fluid. In an automobile braking system, the brake lines are filled with just such a 'confined fluid'. When pressure is applied via the brake pedal from a piston in the master cylinder, pressure is transmitted equally to all four brakes.


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    The worldwide automobile brake system market is flooded with advanced, modern and cost effective brake system technologies. Canada (21.73%), Mexico (19.22%), Japan (16.33%), China (13.56%) and Brazil (6.54%) are the largest manufacturing countries of automobile brake systems in the world. The braking system constitutes an integral part of an automobile. Failure of the automobile brake system at the time of emergency can lead to accidents, property damage or even death of an individual. In recent years, braking systems have undergone tremendous changes in terms of performance, technology, design and safety. Today, the brake system market is bombarded with so many new and innovative technologies such as electronic brakes, anti lock brakes, cooling brakes, disc brakes, drum brakes, hand brakes, power brakes, servo brakes and brake by wire. Anti lock brake systems are the most sought after these days, which are now used in almost all the vehicles.

Animated video showing the working of braking system in a car.