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What are some of the best synthetic oils for cars and trucks are they better to use than regular oil?

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  • With performance claims that synthetic oil is better than mineral-based oil, today search for the best synthetic blend oil for cars on the market. Synthetic blends claim to reduce engine wear, improve gas mileage and increase horsepower. Some may be surprised to learn that this product has been around for more than 50 years. True, they continue to upgrade and improve blends to meet requirements of autos today, but historically synthetic oil has been around since World War II when the Germans used it on the eastern front because it didn't freeze like conventional oil in the harsh winter weather. This is because synthetic oil molecules are more uniform in size and shape. This quality also makes synthetic blends better able to withstand extreme engine temperatures. However, be sure to check your car's owner's manual to find what type of oil is best for your car and chose a multi-grade with the narrowest span of viscosity appropriate for the temperatures you are going to encounter.

    SynPower is a premium, fully synthetic motor oil which is made by Vavoline. It is rated the best synthetic blend oil by for performance cars such as Mercedes, Corvette, Volvo, BMW and Audi.

  • In April of 2008, Exxon introduced Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy, claiming this to be the best synthetic blend oil for cars because it can save consumers fuel, not to mention the added benefit to the environment from reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

    Choosing the best synthetic oil for your car will result in great benefits, higher performance. If you use a fully synthetic motor oil, you can double/triple the oil drain/change period for your car. This means not only less cost in the long run, you use & dispose of 50% less oil! In addition, if the fully synthetic motor oil keeps your engine like new then your exhaust emissions are also relatively reduced – now that’s good for the environment!

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