The BMW 530xi is one of the E60 range of cars from BMW.

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  • I was hopeful when I found a 2007 BMW 530xi with low miles and in excellent condition that I had found the perfect blend of elegance, safety, reliability, and performance along with fuel efficiency. The car is sporty in appearance and the interior looks hopeful. However, on a 10 minute test drive one cannot know how unbelievably terrible the seats are in this car. I have countless cars over 30 plus years of driving including 4x4 pick ups with lift kits, Jeeps, and Porsche sports cars. I have owned Cadillacs, Mercedes, Infinitis, Honda, Volkswagens, Dodges, Chevrolets, etc.I can honestly say this car has the WORST SEATS I HAVE EVER SAT ON IN ANY VEHICLE. It is rather unfortunate because the car frame, steering, handling is wonderful but I cannot wait to get out of this car and get home when I drive it. In fact, the seats are so horrendous I called the dealer I purchased the vehicle from in Chicagoland and let them know I want to trade the car back and get something else. I don't care what it COST! This is something I cannot live with for even 30 days.I cannot imagine BMW would produce and go to all the trouble to make a smooth running car and then scrimp and cheat the driver on the most important part of the driving experience, the seat his/her butt sits on. Come on BMW. This is the ultimate BACK BREAKING MACHINE. I cannot understand how anyone would own this car. Beyond me, I thought about swapping the seats out but on a used vehicle this makes no sense. I am hopeful the dealer will working something out that is fair with me and find a different buyer who may have a love for hard, fake leather seating that feels like sitting on a vinyl park stool at a little league baseball game. In fact, I can honestly say the hard bleachers at baseball games are actually more comfortable than these seats. WOW!As far as other dislikes, the cup holders are cheap and in the wrong locations, the storage is skimpy and poorly laid out, the steering wheel does not move into optimal driving position, and the radio and overall control features are sup bar at best. I recently rented a Kia Optima on a long car trip and I would rate that car a 10 on performance, gas economy, and comfort while rating this car that costs nearly two times as much new as a 1 on comfort and a 8 on performance and a 6 on economy. My overall rating is about a 4 for this car. Stay away unless you love punishment of your back and neck when you drive.

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    Volgens de fabriek heeft de BMW 530xi (E60) een actieradius van 423 km op een volle brandstoftank. De gemiddeld brandstofconsumptie bedraagt 10,3 voor elke 100 kilometer die u aflegt. In de stad komt dit neer op een verbruik van 14,4 voor elke 100 km die u rijdt, waardoor u nog maar 302 km af kunt leggen voordat u weer brandstof moet tanken. Dat is niet bijzonder. De BMW is namelijk een redelijk zware en flinke auto.

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    tl* the contact owns a 2007 bmw 530xi. the contact stated that the temperature warning light illuminated. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnosis. the technician stated the water pump would have to be replaced. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 70,000.

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