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  • Custom aftermarket BMW replacement mirror housings come in a few different styles for you to choose from. The first style is BMW carbon look mirrors with LED lights on the outside to act as signals. Although these are not real carbon fiber, the non OEM BMW LED mirrors will still look great on your car. If you do want to go all the way, we have real BMW carbon fiber mirrors just for your car.

    These aftermarket BMW carbon fiber replacement mirrors will look great, be super light and even come with the replacement glass with in the kit. These BMW non OEM carbon mirrors will provide you with the best style and the ultimate in BMW wing mirror performance. These mirrors for BMW will accept your stock wiring and will be a great addition to your car.

  • For those just looking to upgrade their car with some BMW replacement mirror lenses, we have you covered. You can choose from many great styles too including manual, electric and even heated. For those who live in northern climates, the BMW heated mirror replacement glass will be a great addition when winter rolls around.

    Many of you have heating elements behind the mirror. Some heated mirrors will have a heating element mark on the mirror. However to make sure you have a heating element, move the frame as much as you can to the side, and look behind the frame. You will notice wires going into the frame. This is a good indication you have a heated mirror. Best way to remove the heating element from the car mirror is not to make the mirror too hot. This will melt your heating element. This is the time to use the hair dryer warming up the mirror side, and taking a square utility razor, start at the corner, and slowly peal the element off the mirror. You may be able to save this heating element. Although difficult, TAKE YOUR TIME removing the broken BMW mirror from the heating element which is attached to the mirror using a sticky adhesive. If that stick adhesive is no longer sticky, then use the silicone around the edge of the heating element onto the mirror, let it dry 24 hours then go to the next step. Another step that a customer tried and was successful in removing the heating element was to submerge the mirror in nail polish remover. The acetone in the nail polish dissolved the glue attached to the glass, and he was successful in removing the heating element without damage. We have yet to try this, so I would make it a last resort.

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Now how do you remove that old BMW mirror to get the new one in. Well, you first must breakdown the mirror from the plate called a frame. One simple way to do this is to get a flat strong instrument like a wide screw driver or a automotive scraper. Not many of you have the scraper, but when you go to our order form page we could sell you one. Its a nice thing to have around your toolbox. Now to loosen the adhesive from the plate you must apply some heat. Ideally a propane torch is good, but if you have the wife's hairdryer or a heat gun that will also work. Heat up the mirror enough so that the adhesive behind the BMW mirror will loosen get the screwdriver, putty knife, or the scraper under the mirror and pull all the broken pieces off the frame. Make sure you are wearing gloves and protective eyewear, oh, and its also a smart idea to put a small garbage bucket under the housing you are working on, so that the glass falls into the bucket and not on the ground. After the side view mirror glass is removed, make sure all the mirror and adhesive is clean off the framed plate.