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Bosch 3397118979 Original Equipment Replacement Wiper Blade - 24"/19" (Set of 2)

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  • Bracketless Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades can be seen on more and more new vehicles as manufacturers select Aerotwin as Original Equipment. These same wiper blades are now available as a retrofit range for vehicles with conventional ‘hooked' wiper arms built since the early 1990's. Aerotwin retrofit wiper blades are fitted with a new style fastening mechanism with the Bosch Quick-clip adaptor. This ensures the Bosch Aerotwin retrofit wiper blades hook easily into the conventional wiper arms.

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades are now popular on most new vehicles straight from the factory - for the style and supreme performance advantage over conventional wiper blades. Supplied with a multi-clip type attachment, this enables them to be fitted to most OE type mountings.

  • Auto Express stated: "....the ready-fitted clip is one of the sleekest on test.......quietest on the dry test and impossible to fit the wrong way round."

    The Bosch Aerotwin wiper blade maximizes the wiping quality, lasts longer and is decisively less noisy than traditional wiper blades. Safer driving, when it comes to wiping, depends upon reliable and clear performance.
    The rapid success of "Aerotwin" is based on those advantages. Instead of a system of bows with articulated parts, the joint-free wiper consists of a one-piece rubber profile with an integrated spoiler.

    Our range of Flat Beam & Bosch AeroTwin Wiper Blades, designed to be vehicle specific. Please note that some of the wiper sets fit multiple makes or models of cars, which many not all be listed.

    CAR MAINTENANCE : BOSCH AeroTwin Wiper Blades

  • Learn how to replace your Bosch Aerotwin wipers in this video.
    There is nothing that annoys me more than to have juddering squeaking wiper blades, so in this video you will learn how to change your wiper blades to a smoother, quieter design.

    Best of all ? Its very simple!

    Car shown is a 2002 Lexus GS300 & the wipers used were Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades.

    Filmed with Canon 550D / Rebel T2i
    Edited on Sony Vegas Studio Platinum

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