Why you should have your car batteries tested twice per year:

What the manufacturer says about the VARTA Black Dynamic Car Battery range.

IMGN Universal 12V Digital Batteru/Alternator Tester Motorcycle Car Vehicle Diagnostic Tool with 6-LED Lights Display Indicates Condition

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    Helps guarantee the price of a car battery to the lack of it can make it cheaper. However, this can be a problem since they have a guarantee if it does not work as expected. Some batteries may have manufacturing defects and can be replaced under warranty. Without a guarantee, you will pay full price to buy replacements.

  • Most of the time, cheap car batteries can work well at first but as time passes, the ability of the main power supply may be exhausted, even if paid properly. In fact, the power is not sufficient to start the vehicle. This is a problem, especially if you are in a hurry to go to work or school. In addition, this pressure is increasingly on your starter and alternator with time, which can lead to failure.

    You can expect your car battery to say strong for three to five years. Extreme weather and certain driving habits (such as frequent short trips) can adversely affect the life of a car battery. Curious about how your car battery is doing? Stop by one of our 1,600 Firestone Complete Auto Care locations to get a free, quick battery check. With a battery check, drivers can find out how much life is left in their auto batteries. And when it's time for a new battery, trust us to properly replace and .

    Battery Type VARTA 12V Car Battery
    Manufacturer VARTA
    Battery Capacity 45Ah
    Voltage 12V
    Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 300
    Length 219mm
    Height 225mm
    Width 135mm

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    Model No: MF48B24R Features: 1) Capacity: 45Ah (20hrs), 36Ah (5hrs) 2) Volt: 12V 3) Dimensions: 237 x 129 x 231mm 4) Reserve capacity:
    Car Battery NS60 MF

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Twelve volts has been sufficient for the automobile industry for decades and the battery design has remained pretty much the same – lead acid. Yes, dear folks, there is both lead and acid in most car batteries. It is that chemical reaction between the two that releases the voltage our cars require to turn the engine over and fire the spark plugs. It was invented in 1859 by Gaston Plante, a French physicist.