Typical car battery used to start your car.

Do it yourself difficulty guide for a car battery replacement:

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  • Car batteries last around 4 years, but the cold weather can stop them working and the last thing you want to do on a dark winter?s morning is jump start your car! We make it so easy to replace your car battery, why wait?

    Consider the battery's reserve capacity as well. Reserve capacity is the time in minutes that the battery can deliver 25 amps before dropping below 10.5 volts. The higher the reserve capacity, the better. Finally, consider whether to get a no-maintenance or low-maintenance battery. No-maintenance car batteries never require any maintenance, while low-maintenance batteries require you to replenish the battery water occasionally.

  • Before buying a car battery, check your car's owner's manual or examine the old battery in your car to make sure you buy the right size and type. Most cars use a 12.6 volt lead-acid battery, but others use different voltages and different electric charge methods. Also, check your car's owner's manual to see whether it specifies a recommended number of cold cranking amps (CCA). A battery's CCA tells you how much power it can deliver when it's 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Your battery should meet your car's minimum CCA recommendation, but don't go more than 200 amps above that number.

    If your car is struggling to start in the morning then the car battery may be the problem. All cars rely on an electrical supply and tired car batteries are vital in sending the all-important energy around the vehicle to get things moving. The car battery powers everything from the ignition system through to the stereo and interior lights.
    Car batteries, like typical batteries from your home, will eventually start to run out of energy and while they can be topped up with jump leads it’s always best to look for new car batteries that are fully charged and ready to get you moving.
    Euro Car Parts are the UK’s number one supplier of car parts, including car batteries, catering to all makes and models. So don’t go through the frustration of finding the jump leads, enter your registration number below to find compatible batteries for your car out of our range of over 250,000 car batteries! We’ll find you the best car battery for you at a competitive price with free nationwide delivery.

    Battery Type VARTA 12V Car Battery
    Manufacturer VARTA
    Battery Capacity 45Ah
    Voltage 12V
    Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 330
    Length 238mm
    Height 227mm
    Width 129mm

  • Battery Type VARTA 12V Car Battery
    Manufacturer VARTA
    Battery Capacity 53Ah
    Voltage 12V
    Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 470
    Length 242mm
    Height 175mm
    Width 175mm

    The main function of a car battery is to supply electricity to various car systems. It powers the starting system through the starter motor and the ignition system. It also provides energy for the lights. In older cars, leaving car lights on was a sure way to run down the energy in car battery, but in modern cars an alarm system prevents you from doing this.

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Car batteries will self discharge when not in use. If it is connected to your car it could also have a small load from accessories or car computers that will draw current from the battery which also aid in draining the battery when the engine is not running. In general an AGM, or lead-acid car battery self discharges at a rate of three percent per month. This rate increases when ambient temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). The more cycles a lead acid car battery has experienced will also start to reduce the capacity of the battery and eventually even slow discharging rates or small loads could cause the battery to go flat.