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Zone Tech Rearview Blind Sport Mirrors - 4-Pack Premium Quality 2 Inch Stick-On Aluminum Border Thin Car Blind Sport Mirrors

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  • With over 3,000 foreign and domestic car side mirrors (power and manual) on hand at all times, we most likely have the driver or passenger side mirror to fit your needs. All mirror glass, and connections are tested for quality operation and condition. All mirrors are available at our store or can be shipped to your home or auto-repair facility. Search our inventory now to find your mirror, call or chat with us now.

    Discount Auto Mirrors is the leading online wholesaler of high quality auto mirrors. Our inventory consists of the most comprehensive replacement auto mirrors online: side view mirrors, truck mirrors, car mirrors, rear view mirrors for most auto makes and models. Our auto mirror online catalog is engineered to make your aftermarket car mirror shopping easy, secure, and straightforward. Buy with confidence at Discount Auto Mirrors where the auto mirror prices are most competitive and customer support is professional and courteous.

  • Driver side mirror and passenger side mirror replacements give car drivers the important ability to see what is going on behind them on the road. Drivers are able to access a variety of different mirrors for this purpose. These include automatic dimming review mirrors, power mirrors, wide-angle mirrors, side mirrors, and truck towing mirrors.

    Technology, advancing at the rate that it is, enables these mirrors to serve more than one purpose today. One such feature is automatic dimming capability. These will dim automatically when bright lights are shone on them. This means no more suffering from bright lights being shone from behind.

    Specialized mirrors are for specialized vehicles such as SUVs, wide trucks and minivans. It is difficult to see when backing up these large vehicles, the side view mirrors help in a big way. Wide-angle kinds make the process of reversing a whole lot easier. This helps to reduce blind spots significantly. Trucks that tow cars will need special mirrors for this purpose. This helps to see beyond the vehicle that is being towed. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes as to be customized to specific vehicles. Sadly though, due to their positioning, these car mirrors are very easily damaged.

    For more information please Click on the Model of your vehicle where you can order your Car or truck mirror today. We have all car mirrors in stock and ready to ship. If your looking for a just the mirror we are the car mirror for cars shopping guide.

  • Many of you have heating elements behind the mirror. Some heated mirrors will have a heating element mark on the mirror. However to make sure you have a heating element, move the frame as much as you can to the side, and look behind the frame. You will notice wires going into the frame. This is a good indication you have a heated mirror. Best way to remove the heating element from the car mirror is to use a household hairdryer. This will not make your mirror not hot enough to melt the heating element. Then take a square utility razor, start at the corner, and slowly peal the element off the mirror being you are breaking down a rubber based spray adhesive. TAKE YOUR TIME removing the broken mirror from the heating element. Then reapply the element to the new mirrors using the silicone we sell around the edge of the heating element onto the mirror, let it dry 24 hours. We also received an email from another customer that removed the element by brushing paint thinner over the heating element, letting it soak in for about 15 minutes, then pealing it off the mirror glass. However using the paint thinner can melt the plastic element. So brush it and keep it to the 15 minute limit as not to do damage to the element. We have yet to try this, but nobody has yet to complain about this method.

CIPA® 15000 - Euro Sport Car Mirror

The is one of those things that exist since many years ago, but you never realize how useful it is.
Yesterday, I was out shopping at the neighborhood grocery store. A friend of mine who lives next door asked me to give him a hand and drive his car back home as he was not feeling very well. When I got into the car, I noticed this big mirror sitting on top of his default car mirror. My first instinct was to remove it, so I get a comfortable driving back home, but, to finally, as we only had a couple of miles to home, I did not.