Car will not start, but the engine turns over.

My Car Will Not Start and Reading States Engine Power Loss

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  • FTA is a top-down analysis method, where we start with a symptom, the car will not start for example, and then list the may possible causes in a structured manner. The tree aspect of the name comes the various branches that the may lead to the symptom.

    From the top block, Car will not start, which is the experience I had when trying to start my car, this diagram lists two possible ways this failure may occur. If the controls are not in proper position, meaning both the car has to be in park and my foot depressing the break. If either of these are not set correctly the control status will indicate the car is not ready to start.

  • If the battery is relatively new, it can be recharged. One way to do this is to jump start your car and let the engine run for a while to re-charge the battery. Read below about jump starting. One thing to be aware: if the battery is more than 4-5 years old, it might be completely dead, so it won't take charge and the car will not restart again after you shut it off. In this case, you may need a new battery. A problem with the vehicle's charging system can also cause the battery not to re-charge.

    I did not disconnect the battery before i changed the shift assy, someone mentioned maybe the neutral saftety switch might be damaged. If the starter is locked out the car just will not start.

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    2002 a4 will not start

    hello all, i have a 2002 audi a4 1.8t quatt really really confused car will not start. it is cranking all systems are go, but the fuel pump is not delivering fuel, turn the key on and the pump is not clicking, thinking it might be a faulty relay(which it might still be) but we bypassed the relay by directing the fuel pump and lone behold it does turn on but still the car wont start, it is at a garage and they all say that it is a security problem with the electronics that are not letting the car start but i doubt that.... could it be the fuel pump, maybe a faulty relay, an ECM problem or maybe something with the injectors because we checked for power in the relay and there was none so that would be the issue on if the car would start when we bypassed the relay and made the fuel pump start.... really really confused plz help dont want to go to my local stealer

  • Originally Posted by RedLiner
    If the starter is locked out the car just will not start.
    You mentioned the car was washed, did they also power wash the engine bay?
    There is a module in the engine bay that houses the starter lock out switch and other control circuits.

    I've included more diagrams where these sensitive circuits are housed. If the engine bay was washed check that they are dry.
    With the N15/3 connector check pins 33 and 34 (resistance to ground) as in the 1.34 text.

    So this seemed to be my problem in the first place :) The car will not start, not even click but all lights are ok. Put a stick and touch the wire on the starter and wow the car starts! I wonder what really is wrong but it is just touching of that wire that makes the car from no-start to start.

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The car has powerful new battery (1 week old). I drove the car and after 4 hours, the car will not start, not even click when you try to start the car? All the lights are ok and they are not dim. What could be the problem?