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NAME:Real Madrid Universal Automobile Carpet Car Floor Mat Rubber 5pcs 5pcs Sets - Red

OxGord FMPV01A-BK Front & Rear, Driver & Passenger Seat Ridged Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats for Cars, SUVs, Vans & Trucks, Black, Pack of 4

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  • It is not necessary for you to drive to your nearest dealership or car parts store to order OEM carpet for your car. Many dealerships and parts suppliers operate online stores at . Carpet is not stocked by most local automotive retail outlets and will have to be ordered anyway; thus, consumers can save time and gas by ordering online from eBay Motors sellers. Another advantage of shopping and buying OEM car carpet on eBay is the ability to select from new and used carpet pieces. Some car carpet pieces, like floorpan carpets and trunk carpets that have been well maintained, can be purchased used for far less than new equivalents. You can search eBay Motors using such as "" to view applicable listings.

    Buying OEM carpet need not be a daunting task. When consumers are provided with the information they need to understand the differences in car carpeting and how to identify the specific product that will fit their vehicle, they can make an informed purchase decision. In this guide, OEM car parts standards are explained and different types of car carpet products are discussed. Buyers are instructed on how to properly identify their vehicle's basic equipment and trim color packages by using their car's vehicle identification number and trim code. Trim code sticker locations are identified for six of the largest vehicle manufacturers that market cars domestically. The guide also discusses the advantages of purchasing OEM carpet on eBay and searching for carpet components on eBay Motors. Once a buyer has purchased new OEM carpet for their car, the only decision that remains is whether pay to have the carpet professionally installed or to do the job themselves.

  • By using the VIN number or vehicle identification number, consumers can be sure to get the correct carpet for their car's year, make, and model. The VIN number can be decoded to provide the vehicle's basic information and will be helpful in starting the search for OEM car carpet. However, another piece of information will be needed to correctly identify the color of carpet and the trim level the vehicle was produced with: the trim code.

    Car carpets come in different colors and textures; getting the correct OEM carpet for the specific car model is critical. Ordering a carpet by color can be tricky, as sometimes a color will have two different shades. For example, a "gray" carpet may mean dark gray or charcoal to one person, and light gray to another. Two basic pieces of information will help consumers properly identify carpet colors in a car.

    Real Madrid Universal Automobile Carpet Car Floor Mat Rubber 5pcs 5pcs Sets - Red
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    Real Madrid Universal Automobile Carpet Car Floor Mat Rubber 5pcs5pcs Sets - Red
    Compatible: Universal Car Floor Mat
    Material: Rubber
    Color: Red

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    Car carpeting products consist of more than just the floorpan covering consumers see when they open the door of a motor vehicle. Numerous car interior carpet products are produced by OEM carpet companies. The following chart lists OEM car carpet products, their usage, and their ease of replacement.

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How to Clean Car Carpet. One of the dirtiest places in your car is the carpet. Think about it, you are constantly tracking dirt in on your shoes, and just think how much more dirt and spill can accumulate if you throw pets and children into the mix. Fortunately, cleaning your car's carpet is an easy task that you can tackle in less then an hour.