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PWR+ Car Charger for Panasonic Toughbook Cf-18 Cf-19 Cf-p1 Cf-r1 Cf-r2 Cf-t1 Cf-t2 Cf-t4 Cf-t5 Cf-w2 Cf-w2a Cf-w2d Cf-w4 Cf-w5 Cf-y2 Cf-y4 Cf-y5 Cf-28 Cf-29 Cf-30 Cf-31 Cf-50 Cf-51 Cf-52 Cf-73 ; P/n Cf-aa1653a Cf-aa1653am Cfaa1653a Cfaa1653am D169004

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  • Because flash is , stored data is retained when a device's power source is turned off or lost. CF cards feature construction, which makes them much more rugged than most traditional storage devices. The (basically, what height can you drop them from and have them still work) for CF cards is 2,000 compared to a 100 G to 200 G rating for the mechanical drive of a typical portable computing device. This translates to a drop to the floor from 10 feet vs. a single foot for the mechanical disk drive.

    CF cards are self-tested for by member manufacturers of the CompactFlash Association, which was established in 1995. Cards completing this testing are labeled as follows:

  • There are two main subdivisions of CF cards, 3.3 mm thick type I and 5 mm thick type II (CF2). The type II slot is used by miniature hard drives and some other devices, such as the Hasselblad CFV Digital Back for the Hasselblad series of medium format cameras. There are four main card speeds: original CF, CF High Speed (using CF+/CF2.0), faster CF 3.0 standard, yet faster CF 4.0 standard adopted as of 2007.

    CF cards can be used directly in a PC Card slot with a plug adapter, used as an ATA (IDE) or PCMCIA storage device with a passive adapter or with a reader, or attached to other types of ports such as or . As some newer card types are smaller, they can be used directly in a CF card slot with an adapter. Formats that can be used this way include /, Memory Stick Duo, in a Type I slot, and in a Type II slot, as of 2005. Some multi-card readers use CF for I/O as well.






    Date de mise en circulation



    16 km (10 miles)



    Boîte à vitesses


    Puissance fiscale


    Puissance DIN


    Nombre de portes


    Couleur carrosserie

    Autres informations

    Stock Caramericaine

    Parfait état général
    Moteur 4 cylindres diesel
    A prévoir une petite restauration de la cellule
    kilometrage non garantie

    5500 Vendu

    Nos prix annoncés TTC sont droits et taxes acquités, transport rendu Bordeaux.
    Charge à l'acquéreur de la carte grise définitive.

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    CompactFlash IDE mode defines an interface that is smaller than, but electrically identical to, the interface. The CF device contains an controller and appears to the host device as if it were a . CF devices operate at 3.3 or 5 volts, and can be swapped from system to system. CompactFlash supports and 28-bit (CF 5.0 introduced support for LBA-48). CF cards with flash memory are able to cope with extremely rapid changes in temperature. Industrial versions of flash memory cards can operate at a range of −45° to +85 °C.

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A CompactFlash (CF) card is a popular developed by SanDisk in 1994 that uses technology to store data on a very small card. It has no moving mechanical parts and does not need a battery to retain data. CF cards allow users to add data to a wide variety of computing .