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Yonaka Honda Civic 96-00 EK Spec 1 Full Coilovers Suspension Shocks Springs Struts JDM USDM

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  • TAG : A coilover shock is a shock absorber with a coil spring encircling it
  • A coilover shock is a shock absorber with a coil spring encircling it. A coilover shock absorber has the option of adjusting the ride height and stiffness. A coilover suspension is an excellent solution for your vehicle. The ability to adjust the coilover shock absorber to the stiffness you prefer is an option that needs to be taken advantage of.

    STILLEN offers high performance coilover shocks from top manufacturers for the street and the track. For lowered vehicles, coilover shocks are a great solution as you want the shocks to be quite stiff. When adjusting a coilover shock absorber, many people will start at the stiffest position, drive around a bit, then adjust a few clicks softer and repeat the process until you have the ride you desire.

  • New, coilover shock absorber assembly. Ideal for go-carts, mini bikes, utility vehicles and other equipment. Five-way adjustable ride height settings. Chrome plated spring with black painted body.

    Coilover shock absorbers are usually a kind of twin-tube gas charged shock absorber around which has been mounted a large metal coil. Though common on motorcycle and scooter rear suspensions, coilover shocks are uncommon in original equipment designs for vehicles, though they have become widely available as aftermarket add-ons. Coilover shocks for cars have been considered specialty items for high performance and racing applications where they allow for significant reductions in overall vehicle height, and though high-quality aftermarket options with wide sturdy springs may provide improvements in vehicle performance, there is dispute over whether or not most aftermarket coilover shocks confer any material benefits to most drivers and may in fact reduce performance over original equipment installations.

  • The QA1 coilover shock absorbers provide a fully adjustable suspension in one very clean package. The aluminum body shocks are adjustable and the ride height can be dialed in with the proper springs.

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