Características CREAM CARAMEL AUTO:

CREAM CARAMEL AUTO de SWEET SEEDS es una variedad de marihuana que nos hará sentir muy cómodos con su potente efecto.

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  • I started a indoor grow about 3 weeks ago in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.00 mtr, using 600 w veg / bloom bulb with Cream Caramel Auto Flowering. Since I grew the Cream Caramel F1 outdoors last yr, its interesting to compare the 2. The auto shows the same purple / blue veins even at a young age as did the F1 version. You can easily be fooled into thinking its a nitro deficiency. It isnt, its just its genetics. My soil has been mixed with worm castings, bat guano & guanita by Cannaboom ( Great stuff!! ).

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    Black Cream Auto is dripping with resin and flavour. Her nuggets - which are red in the beginning but then cure to a delicious black - are ultra-sweet and dense. She'll quickly win you over with her ginormous buds & creamy aroma.

  • You might think Black Cream Auto is just eye-candy because she tastes so sweet and looks so sticky. Think again! This autoflowering powerhouse will knock you off your feet (and right onto the couch) with her full-body effects.

    The Gorilla knows that Black Cream Automatic is the gem of 2013 and beyond. Let him show you why with fast shipping and easy sales. All cannabis seeds are priced low and can be delivered internationally.

    CroisementCream mandarine auto x Super Tai 98
    Sativa - indicaHybride sativa / indica
    THCNon Communiqué par le fournisseur
    CBDNon Communiqué par le fournisseur
    Temps de floraison9 semaines depuis la germination
    Récolte extérieureNon Communiqué par le fournisseur
    Production extérieureElevée

  • NB: You might want to cultivate Black Cream Autoflowering Seeds - but you can’t. These weed seeds are for collectors only. No form of harvesting is allowed. Remember that or risk a visit from The Gorilla.

Cream Caramel Auto Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds

For best results, Devil Cream Auto requires 30% of coco and frequent watering in small amounts. It can acquire beautiful purple/lavender hues during flowering and it produces great amounts of pleasantly scented resin.