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Energizer E90 N Alkaline 1.5 Volt Battery (6-Pack)

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  • This battery pack is an authentic Razor 12V/7AH battery for all versions of the . The e90 battery comes with fuse holder with fuse and a pre-wired 3 hole/2 pin connector.

    The is technically considered an Alkaline Magnanese Dioxide-Zinc battery. It has a rated output of 1.5 Volts. The Energizer E90 Battery is cylindrical in shape and measures approximately 30 mm long with a diameter of approximately 12 mm giving this LR1 Replacement Battery Pack a typical volume of 3.3 cubic centimeters. This battery typically weighs .3 ounces or 9.0 grams. There is no added mercury or cadmium in the chemical system.

  • The EP90 Battery is used in many small electronic items from keychain remote entry device, dog collars, garage door openers, memory backup systems, and other applications. The list is so long we just can't get specific enough here. Just make sure you are replacing one of the battery part numbers listed below.

    The 9.6v 1600mah NiMH E90 battery is designed to fit the range of E90 airsoft guns that have a minimal amount of space for a battery pack. This battery is longer than an 8.4v stick battery and will not fit in all AEGs that require stick batteries. Please check to make sure you have sufficient battery space in your AEG to accommodate this battery.

    Energizer E90 Battery
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       2013-04-17 13:58:16
     J. PEGGINS verified buyer
    For: Intellect 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Custom E90 Battery
    Product Information:
    Used in multiple p90s and it works great. Very first thing I did was to take a roll of electrical tape and just completely wrap the battery with one overlapping stripe. This worked great, keeps the somewhat flimsy 90 degree shoulder joint from causing any problems, and since the battery is stowed in the body of the p90, it doesn't come un-done too quickly.

    This battery usually lasts me about 3-4 hours. It should last longer in theory, but my smart charger is probably to blame for that.

    -Nice ROF increase from standard 8.4
    -Battery connections seem solid, and wire gauge is good
    -Decent battery life

    -Flimsy right angle joint if not reinforced
       2009-07-12 18:11:30
     J. STAGER verified buyer
    For: Intellect 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Custom E90 Battery
    Product Information:
    I also use this for my Echo 1 E90. Works fantastic. The rof of my gun improved drastically over the stock 9.6v 1100 mah battery that comes with the E90. Truly is a high output battery.

    Great fit in the E90 stock (although it takes a little practice to get the wires out of the way)
    Very powerful; provides noticeably faster rof than the stock battery

    As the other review notes, the pack is not attached very rugged at the 90 degree joint. Mine came with two little cracks in the plastic wrap in this area.

    All it takes is a couple wraps of electrical tape to strengthen it.
       2009-05-28 18:55:56
     J. BIASOTTI verified buyer
    For: Intellect 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Custom E90 Battery
    Product Information:
    fits great in the stock echo1 e90

    the wires are angled which in the back of the e90 works much better than the stock battery that comes with it.
    this sucker will keep you pumping bb's all day, tons of life, haven't had it run out on me yet... (in one match, i dis-charge and recharge after i play every skirmish)
    great shape, brilliant for e90

    a bit loosely attached (the right angle short segment) I strengthened this area w/ some electrical tape...
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Box contents: 4x E90 alkaline batteries