Intel® Desktop Boards use a 9-pin chassis front panel header.

Front panel header:

Chevy Trailblazer 02-09 Headlight Mounting Header Panel New

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  • The SATA port area is remarkably uncluttered, with just power and reset buttons sharing space with the SATA ports on the front edge. The front panel header pins are lined up along the bottom, along with the clear CMOS jumper and one of the chassis fan headers. As far as front panel headers go, we have three USB 2.0 headers, a Firewire 400/IEEE 1394 header, an IrDA infrared header, a floppy drive header driven by an add-in chip, a serial port header, and the HD Audio header in the back.

    In order for the power button, reset button, front USB ports, front audio ports and LED lights of the computer case to work, you will need to plug their front panel connectors into the front panel header on the motherboard.

  • Next we come to the debug LED on the corner of the board and three sets of headers for extra USB ports and front panel headers to connect to your case. The debug LED is a great tool to help diagnose any issues you may have POSTing and when the motherboard has finished booting, it dubs as a temperature readout. Error codes are found in the appendix of the motherboard manual and include a brief description of what the error may be.

    How to connect front panel connectors to motherboard: Locate the F_panel front panel header which is a cluster of small upright pins on your motherboard (see image below). Now it's a good time to take out your motherboard manual if you need help finding this header.

    The front USB and audio connectors are the easiest to connect: Not only are they are larger in size, but they also have a foolproof design such that you can only connect them in one direction. The only thing to note is that if you have both HD AUDIO and AC' 97 audio connectors, always choose HD AUDIO for better sound quality.

    The power switch and reset switch connectors will work in any orientation so no worries there.

    The power LED and hard drive LED are the biggest headaches you will encounter when installing a motherboard. In order for the LEDs to light up, you will need to plug in a positive connector into a positive header pin and the same goes for their negative counterparts.

    While the positive and negative pins on motherboard are always labelled (see image below), it's common to find front panel connectors without any positive and negative labeling. As a general guideline, the connectors with white/black wires are positive and the connector with colored wires are negative. In case the LEDs don't light up, simply swap the positions of the connectors.

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    Plugging in your headphone cuts off the speakers' operation -- you never have to crawl to the messy ports at the back of your computer case / PC case. The front mounted headphone jack works just like a hi-fi system. Speakers can be permanently connected to the back, while the handy headphone socket at the front is ready when you need it.


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