Descripton: Browning Model 71 Front Sight Hood.

Porsche 356 B Front Hood Original

Exdiag BMW Roundel 2-Pins Emblem Logo for Front Hood and Rear Trunk, 82mm

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    Browning Model 71 Front Sight Hood

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    Descripton: Browning Model 71 Front Sight Hood.

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Front hood rack - Sales Manual Test Page

Someone wrote - The trunk (front hood) is presently shut, and I can not get the latch to release. I have pulled the inside release and then pressed the button on the handle...but it holds fast. I was able to look between the hood and the body and see that the button on the handle is it has to be the inside release that is not letting go. I have tried pulling the cable with a pair of vise grips, but it still does not release.