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  • How to Replace Honda Accord Front Brake Pads? How to Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda Accord 1 Park your Accord & engage its emergency brake (because emergency brake only applies to rear brake). 2 Remove wheel: loose nuts using lug wrench, lift the Accord's front end off the ground using your jack and remove the nuts, and wheel. 3. Examine the Accord's brakes, if you notice the rotor is deeply worn, scratched or gouged, you'll need to have it resurfaced or install a new one. This video is about replacing the brake pads only. 4. Take a look at the back of the caliper. There are two bolts securing it against the rotor. Remove the bottom bolt, using a 12-mm socket wrench. Of course, turn the bolt counter-clockwise to remove it. You may now be able to simply lift the caliper upward, pivoting it on the top bolt. If not, try loosening the top bolt just a bit and try lifting it up again. 5. Examine how the old brake pads are positioned within the caliper bracket. Again, I find it easier just to take a photo of how everything looks so that you can correctly position the new pads. Once you're clear on how it's all put together, remove the old pads. 6. Use a C-clamp to compress the piston inside the caliper. Make sure you put an old pad between the surface of the piston and your clamp. The old pad will prevent damage to the piston. Sometimes pushing brake fluid back through the system may cause the master cylinder to overflow. You may simply use a rag to clean the drip. 7. Swing the caliper back down and bolt it into place. The "flexible" bolt housing may be in the way. Of course, if you removed only one bolt, tighten it snugly. If you removed both, remember to tighten both. 8. Bolt the wheel/tire back into place and lower the Accord to the ground. Once the Accord is on the ground, tighten the lugs. 9. Move to the other side and repeat the process to change the brake pads. You must always change both left and right brake pads. Never change just one side. When you're finished with both left and right brakes, open the Accord's hood and find the master cylinder. Clean any drips, look at the master cylinder. If you've lost any brake fluid, refill it.
    before you drive to the road, don't forget to press the brake pedal several times, until it builds up normal resistance pressure. Cars, Auto Repair, Do It Yourself Auto Repair

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    We stock these Brakes brands for the Honda Accord: Pronto, Brembo, EBC and Bendix.

    The seventh-generation Honda Accord front brakes come in two versions. The V6 models have a thicker rotor and a larger caliper compared to the 4-cylinder models.

  • Your stopping capabilities are just as necessary as your engine's performance - offer your vehicle the performance you call for with our Honda Accord performance brakes. These rotors come in many high-performing styles, such as drilled or slotted. We even stock comprehensive brake kits that upgrade your braking capabilities the budget-friendly way. You'll love it, we know.

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Honda Accord brake rotors should be measured at every brake pad replacement. If found to be at or below Honda's minimum thickness specification, they will require replacement. These measurements should always be noted on your repair orde