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Jurid Brake Pad Set
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BMW e65 e66 Brake Pad KIT Front+Rear JURID Pads+Sensors

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  • As an OEM pad supplier to the European automotive manufacturers, jurid knows what it takes to stop a car. With jurid you get the best possible stopping power or co-efficient of friction, a stock pedal feel and a good pad life. The original manufacturer of your car built an efficient brake system and in many cases put jurid pads in that system. You can be confident that choosing a jurid pad set will provide you with the oe-quality, oe-stopping power, pedal feel and pad life.

    TROY, Mich. — Newly introduced to North American customers, Jurid brake pads will now be available in domestic catalogs – including the Bendix iParts e-catalog found at as well as in popular third party e-catalogs, beginning in June.

  • Your BMW braking system is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. These Jurid brake pads are the same ones that came on your car from the factory, replace and buy with confidence. Properly functioning brakes are a necessary part of your BMW, as they help to bolster your precision handling while preventing costly and dangerous accidents. If you've been experiencing squeaking and grinding as your vehicle comes to a stop, you may be in need of a brake system upgrade.

    The composition of Jurid brake pads incorporates over 30 materials. The manufacturing process is exceptionally precision and its main aim is to reach high chemical and mechanical qualities of the brake linings. Automatic SPS system controls the production. This system statistically checks up every brake pad.

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