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The fact that Karlyn parts are made in Taiwan does not mean Karlyn is bad

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  • The Karlyn parts are not "bad" parts par se. They are certainly not great parts and they were never intended to be that. It would like comparing basic brake rotors to more exotic rotors offered by companies like Brembo... or even back pedal a bit and try to compare Zimmerman rotors to basic rotors like ATEs. They are not the same product. The Karlyns will do the job, and that is all they will do. They will not offer you any higher end performance or longevity as they were not manufactured to do that. They are usually made to minimum requirements.

    The real question for everyone is...if you buy Karlyn parts for your 4,000+lb car, will you feel safe knowing you won't blow a ball joint out of one of those arms and lose control? I've read substandard tie rods/center links having ball joints rip out rendering the car uncontrollable.

  • I personally went with Meyle and Meyle HD (I got whatever was offered in HD and Meyle for the rest). It was somewhat cheaper than Lemforder, which I already had on my car and failed too soon to justify the cost of Lemforder again. I will also tell you, I did the job myself with a mechanic friend. 1) if I was paying someone to do it, I'd darn well make sure I was getting good parts so I wouldn't have to pay the labor $$$ again to do it. You will pay more in labor than you will on the Karlyn parts. 2) if I was doing it myself again I REALLY REALLY would darn well make sure I was getting good parts so I wouldn't have to do it again. I was A LOT OF WORK. Front and back, new everything took a whole day with a lift and seasoned mechanic, and required some serious muscle, impact, and specialty tools.

    I know people buy the parts because I see them ordering them. I also agree wholeheartedly that if you are just daily driving the car the karlyn parts are acceptable.

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    I have never ran Karlyn parts on the P-car yet, but have replaced many on the 525 with Karlyn. No problems yet. They look to be good quality as well.
    09-13-2006, 10:47 AM
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