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  • Blauparts VW control arm replacement information is not designed to be an instruction sheet. This is an overview on removing and replacing VW Passat control arms and was designed to help our customers grasp what's involved and helps owners to better communication with the mechanic during the VW control arm service job. The below VW control arm replacement info will differ depending on vehicle application and which VW Passat control arms are being replaced.

    UPDATE: Today I got the courage to do the driver's side bushings. This went much smoother because the front bushing was not frozen to the shaft. This made getting the lower control arm out a piece of cake. I also didn't have to work on getting the frozen metal sleeve off of the shaft. This time around the entire job took four hours instead of two days (however many hours that was).

  • NOTE: Kenny recommends you pair his Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms with his AGS 4.0 Anti-Squat Traction Brackets (KB-28601) to maximize performance, grip and braking.

    Recently I noticed that my 1991 Nissan Maxima was pulling to the right. I took it to the tire shop for an alignment and the tech pointed out that my passenger side lower control arm front bushing was shot. He said he could align the car to prevent tire wear but it would continue to pull to the right because of the bad bushing. He also said that a new pair of control arms and the labor to do the job would be about $600. That did not make me happy so the first thing I did was go online and start looking to see how much a new set of control arms would be. From they were $330 a pair plus shipping. could be had for $115 plus shipping. But I got to thinking and wondered if just the bushings could be replaced. It's not like the big hunks of metal were worn out, just the little rubber piece. So I started researching that and found that they could be replaced, but with more work involved. According to Matt Blehm the front bushings for a 2nd generation Maxima and the could be used. However you would need a shop press to get the new front bushings in. Alternatively you could buy the . These were made of polyurethane and could be installed without a press. I went this route and found the cheapest price at . They come in both red or black but I recommend the black because they are impregnated with graphite while the red are not. The part number for the black is 7.3111g. I want to note that when you read about front bushings and rear bushings this refers to the bushings on the front lower control arm. These have nothing to do with the rear suspension components of the vehicle.

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    Now, you can't talk about control arms without talking about ball joints and rubber control arm bushings, because they are all best friends. The vast majority of control arms will have a rubber bushing or ball joint mounted securely to them. These allow the control arm to rotate up and down without binding up. Most ball joints and bushings are removable from the control arms with the help of a press, and able to be replaced as needed. That being said, it is often and arduous task. Let's go back and start with the basics though, shall we?

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This kit manufactured by UMI Performance includes a set of tubular rear lower control arms and a set of adjustable rear upper control arms. This control arm kit is a direct bolt-on replacement designed to minimize wheel hop, improve corning and help track consistency on you're A-Body vehicle. Stock control arms are on the borderline of junk, bushing deflection and rusting weak stamped material add for traction loss and poor handling ability. Whether your car is a weekend cruiser or weekend track addict this kit works on all applications. Lower control arms feature grease-able Energy Suspension bushings, TIG welded construction for the utmost in strength and correct provisions for adding a stock or aftermarket sway bar. Sway bar holes are reinforced with a 0.120" wall thickness steel sleeve TIG welded and sanded into place to prevent the control arm from crushing. The included adjustable upper control arms allow you to adjust your vehicles pinion angle for optimum performance, precise handling and improved traction. Adjustable upper control arms are constructed of CNC machined 0.250" steel mounting plates, 4140 chrome moly threaded tube adapters and a high strength, 4140 chrome moly, heat treated 1.000" solid adjuster. UMI Performance's unique on-car adjuster allows for easy adjustments with out removing or unbolting the control arm from the vehicle. These control arms also feature grease-able Energy Suspension fluted polyurethane bushings and durable gloss powder coat.