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OBX Exhaust Header 97-02 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L Stainess Steel

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  • No automobile embodies a history of durable engineering that can match cars from Mitsubishi and that reputation is well deserved. Mitsubishi is a dedicated automobile manufacturer celebrated for producing tough and high quality automobiles. For hardworking quality and powerful performance from a vehicle, car lovers can rely on Mitsubishi. Fuel efficiency comes with a cost, since your Mitsubishi Mirage needs to have first-rate parts to run at top gas mileage. "Green" cruisers like your sensible Mitsubishi Mirage were intended to be maintained in the best possible condition so they can keep on providing outstanding levels of gas mileage. Choosing a Mitsubishi, you benefit from great styling and also famous endurance. Invest in your Mitsubishi's components by only installing the finest in top-notch engine components. Located near the beginning of your exhaust system, the Mitsubishi Mirage Header Pipe is among the complex of exhaust pipes that push the exhaust vapors from your car's motor. The car or truck's Mitsubishi Mirage Header Pipe enhances efficiency by reducing resistance to the expulsion of exhaust. A car's Mitsubishi Mirage Header Pipe is a primary part of the engine exhaust system required on any contemporary car. New Mitsubishi Mirage Header Pipes come in different styles, though high quality is the most important feature. Whether a big part or a small one, maintaining your beloved car or truck with superior parts should pay off every single time.

    FWIW, mine were not labeled as "Mirage" headers though. They were simply un-named longtubes copied from Kooks being sold on Ebay. So it could very well be a different manufacturer. These Mirage headers started being sold almost a year after the nameless sets that me and several others purchased.

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