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Genuine Mitsubishi Alternator Tensioner Bolts & Nut MD118506 / MF140233 / MD320269 Lancer 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

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  • Finnish MK3 owner, Mark Lonngren, sent us these pictures below of his Mitsubishi alternator conversion. Mark is very pleased with the upgrade, having picked up his alternator form a wrecked 1999 Mitsubishi car.

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    Hello guys,
    In this Video i ame showing you how to solve a common problem with a mitsubishi alternator, ie: change the brushes.
    You can buy the brushes here:

    There isint going to be part two because there is so many diffrent rectifiers and regulators for diffrent applications that it would be impossible to stock'em.

    I hope you guys liked the video and you will benefit from it.


    Mitsubishi Alternator

    Mitsubishi Alternator

    Mitsubishi Alternator

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I bolted the extended rear bracket to the engine block and slipped a 5/16 inch steel rod through the holes to check alignment. The rear bracket needed a little adjustment (with big vice and heavy hammer) to square it up, but it was soon in place with the alternator hanging on the rod. The Mitsubishi alternator is even shorter than the Lucas alternator, so there would be a little space to make up in back. The more pressing issue was that the belt pulley was 1/8 inch too far forward. Fifteen minutes at the bench grinder with a dial caliper in hand took care of that problem as I removed 1/8 inch of material from the back of the front mounting ear on the alternator (click on picture for larger image in separate window).