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  • The real question in all of this is what’s the best motorcycle engine oil? I have no idea. Nobody else does either, hence all the arguing. What I do know is that we can come close to finding the best personal choice of oil with a relatively simple algorithm. By researching and comparing technical data (like ), evaluating what type of rider you are and what kind of performance you demand from your engine, then cross referencing these findings with how much money you’re willing to pay to insure the longevity of your machine, it will usually narrow it down to a game of rock, paper, scissors. Or an over the shoulder dart toss.

    Hi friends, i own FZ 16 and it now three years since i bought it…initial days i was using YAMAHA LUBE engine oil but, i was not vey much satisfied with its performane. From 5th Service i stated using shell Advance AX5
    Premium mineral 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil
    Shell Advance AX5 is an ideal oil for standard motorbikes. Mid-size engines require reliable oil performance under a range of conditions during the stop-start cycle of commuter journeys. Till date i have not faced any issues , my engine sound the same way how it was when i took it out of the showroom three years back…I have done almost 30000 Kilometers…and still the top speed is 125 default engine with no performance upgrade…Enjoyee.

  • But before we go any further into analysis or specifications it’s important to understand how oil is made. So grab some Advil, pull up a soap box, and hang on as I attempt to delve into the Motorcycle Engine Oil Argument.

    However, even with the numerous variables that affect motorcycle engine oil, it can proven to effective or ineffective through a scientific technique called analysis. I know, that word has a lot of syllables – four to be exact, which exceeds my maximum allowable limit by two.

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