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  • In addition to beneficial Colette features, the Integrated Parking Brake caliper features a highly efficient, ball-in-ramp actuating system and a variable cable connection port to allow for flexible packaging. With clamp load capacities of 13kN, 18kN and 25kN, this caliper is designed for the complete range of passenger cars, small to medium vans and some light truck applications. IPB park brake solutions are designed to reduce drag and save weight versus traditional mechanical parking brake options.

    Wilwood's MC4 Mechanical Parking Brake Caliper is a multi-use, cable operated brake caliper that combines high output performance with simplicity in design and construction. It is the perfect solution for vehicle applications requiring a separate mechanically actuated parking brake caliper. The MC4 Caliper combines an efficient die cast body with a forged billet anvil for superior strength under load, yet is lightweight at only 3.30 (2.95 without pads) pounds. They are built to accept rotors that are .810" thick, with 11.00" - 12.88" diameter range. Each caliper includes Composite Metallic high-friction, high static-hold brake pads, and are pre-fitted with noise cancelling shields.

  • Has anyone checked out Wilwoods Combination Parking Brake Caliper? It is a radial mount and has a 34mm bore. Might be a great way to get bigger brakes and keep the parking brake. Now if I could only source the brackets to mount to the tarailing arm.

    These calipers are inexpensive to purchase, are easy to service and rebuild, and can be acquired at nearly any automotive parts store across the country. The drawback to using this particular caliper on rear axle applications is the lack of a parking brake built in to the caliper. Once a Toyota rear drum system is swapped over in favor of a rear disc kit using these calipers, the stock parking brake system is eliminated. There are no provisions to adapt a parking brake unless calipers from a GM rear disc application are installed. While installing calipers from a rear disc system is indeed possible, connecting the parking brake mechanism to the stock Toyota cable is not so easy.

    Wilwood - CPB
    Combination Parking Brake Caliper, 34mm piston, 1.00" Disc, Right Hand
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  • 120-9650-BK
    Wilwood - CPB
    Combination Parking Brake Caliper
    34mm piston, 1.00" Disc, Right Hand, Black
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Parking Brake Caliper Rear Brake Kit with Red Powder Coated Calipers