Piston fully retracted. Yes, it's a dirty job, wear disposablegloves.

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Lisle 24400 Disc Brake Pad Spreader

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    It should be appreciated that the piston retractor tool 10 works on twin and quad piston fixed calipers as well as single and twin piston floating calipers. The centrally located ratchet wrench assembly 18 aids in evenly spreading force so that the plates 12, 14 are always maintained parallel to prevent misalignment of pistons. The wrench assembly 18 also permits a swing over any circular arc of movement so that the tool 10 can be placed at any position. The reversible pawl 62 allows for easy change from spreading to retracting the pressure plates 12, 14 as desired.

  • Hydraulic disc brake systems offer various advantages over other braking systems, including a good heat dissipation rate, a high force enlargement ratio and a constant braking force in various environments. However, they have an important defect as the lining pads remain at a small clearance from the disc rotor, occasionally producing judder, noise and power loss when freely running. This study proposes an innovative piston retractor by utilizing the theory of innovative problem solving. The prototype is manufactured and installed in a commercial brake caliper. Experimental results are obtained and demonstrate the feasibility of applying the proposed design in a bicycle hydraulic disc braking system. Retraction performance of the proposed design is superior to a current product with a ring seal as its retractor and another product with a retractor that does not contain an automatic adjustment mechanism. The clearance between the lining pad and disc rotor is successfully kept at a larger value than these products regardless of the pad wear.

    Retract the piston with a brake pad spreader, also known as a brake piston retractor. This tool consists of a small metal plate with a threaded hole in the middle and a threaded spindle passing through the hole. The spindle has a knob or handle on one end and a leveling swivel on the other. To use the tool, retract the swivel end most of the way towards the plate by turning the knob counterclockwise. Place the metal plate against the inside of the caliper opposite the cylinder. Turn the knob clockwise to extend the swivel end of the spindle until the swivel rests securely on the edge of the piston. Continue turning the knob clockwise, slowly and firmly. As the spindle extends, it will push the piston back until it is fully retracted. A C-clamp can also be used to retract the brake piston. Simply hook the clamp's frame over a solid part of the back of the caliper and adjust the spindle until the swivel rests securely on the edge of the piston. Slowly tighten the clamp to retract the piston.

    A brake piston retraction tool is a device used to gently push the brake pistons back into the brake caliper. A brake piston retraction tool is designed to evenly push the pistons back and avoid causing damage to the piston seals.

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    Manufacturer's special brake piston retracting tool; Aftermarket brake piston retracting tool; Large C-clamp; Large channel lock pliers; Show More. Instructions. 1.

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Selective rotation of the coupler results in threading and unthreading of the first and second studs, and simultaneous lateral movement of the first and second pressure plates towards and away from the coupler between retracted and extended positions. The outer surface of one of the pressure plates is engageable against the at least one piston to retract the one piston into the at least one cylinder bore, and the outer surface of the other of the pressure plates is supported against an interior surface of the caliper assembly opposite the one piston, or is engagable against at least one other piston provided for movement relative to at least one other cylinder bore in the caliper assembly opposite the one piston to retract the other piston into the at least one other cylinder bore.