Another quality oil filter similar in design to the Purolator.

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  • This is possible with a carefully monitored program that utilizes high quality lubricant such as Motor Oil and super premium quality oil filter such as Long-Life Motor Oil Filter as well as the Oil Filter Magnets.

    The Key factor in oil filters is to keep contaminates away from the lubrication system. And oil doesn't wear becomes contaminated with both fuel and water and other combustion bi products. Go to a NAPA parts store...some of them have a filter display that shows the insides and the quality of a good filter versus and economy filter. The economy filter is something a used car lot or quicky lube store will use on your car. It is really a bad application for people who don't follow good maintenance practices on their cars, As it has very low quality components as a rule." CHEAPEST IS NOT BEST". A quality oil filter is good insurance protecting your engine.

  • Here is a good site describing the difference in quality of oil filters. You can then descide whether you need a "premium" filter or not. Comparing Fram or Wix to premium filters is like comparing a Chevy to a Ferrari. A Chevy will do the job just fine, so why buy the Ferrari? Different needs. If you are hard on your car, drive in a really dusty area, then yes, I would buy premium oil and filters. When you hear stories about filters coming apart or anti-drainback valves not working, chances are the engine was not getting serviced regularly. I run Mobil 1 in everything I own. The main reason is because we get cold in the winter and synthetic oil doesn't get thick like regular oil. I don't even have to plug my car in any more. Even at 20 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. But I still use Fram, because I haven't found any reason not to. I too have cut my filters open, after use, to see if they were holding up. And yes, they were. So why spend more money than you need to.

    On late model light trucks, 7,500 miles is the standard recommended oil change intervals for GM Duramax, Ford Powerstroke and Dodge Cummins turbo diesel engines. However, this is for “normal” (light duty) service. The recommended oil change interval for most “Severe Service” applications (vehicles that are used for towing, hauling heavy loads, operated off-road in dusty environments or spend a lot of time idling, especially during cold weather) is usually 3,000 miles. Most of these engines hold 10 to 12 quarts of oil, so changing the oil unnecessarily wastes money. Stretching the oil change intervals to reduce costs is fine provided a high-quality oil (such as a synthetic blend or full synthetic) is used along with OEM quality oil filtration.

  • All Champ Quality Oil Filters are made along side the world’s leading private label and original equipment manufacturer’s filters. This ensures the most stringent filter construction requirements are met for maximum protection on today’s demanding engines. Champ filters not only meet, but normally exceed original equipment requirements for fit, function and total replacement value.

Bosch 3311 OEM Quality Engine Oil Filter

Olathe, KS – Wix, K&N and Toyota make the best quality oil filters according to a study commissioned by Olathe Toyota Parts, an online retailer of . The study compared more than one dozen oil filters on a variety of criteria including filter medium surface area, component quality and microscopic analysis.