How to Replace Rear Brake Pads for Disc Brakes

Bendix® D834 - CQ™ Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

ACDelco 14D883CH Advantage Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad Set with Hardware

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  • Replaced the rear pads with these organic pads. They work but I don't like the smell of a clutch burning when applied. Yes I know how to break in pads. Think next time I will go back to original.

    Please keep in mind that the prices shown above are for the brake pads only and not the cost of installation. Unless you know how to do your own brake jobs, you should expect to pay a mechanic about $100 for labor to replace your rear brake pads for you.

  • I bought front and rear pads for my 1981 CB900 Honda. I even called to make sure that I would get the right ones. The front were ok but the back would not fit.

    Can’t find your car on the list? You can be confident that rear brake pads for your car will have comparable pricing as they would for similar vehicles offered by your car’s manufacturer. For example, basic rear brake pads for a Toyota Camry will cost the same as they would for a Toyota Avalon, twenty three dollars per pair.

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    I guess I have to try this PB Blaster because I could not get the bolt off my rear caliper. I need to change my rear pads and will try it again but the caliper bolts are on way too tight and won't budge. When I changed my front pads I actually snapped the bolt head right off the bolt trying to get it off because it was on so tight, luckily I was able to pull the plunger back after that and just pop the rest of the bolt out and got a new bolt. If this PB blaster does not work I may just cut the bolt head off with a dremel tool and replace the bolts. Getting the bolts off the calipers is by far the most difficult part in changing your pads.

  • The list provided here shows the lowest prices that we found on basic third party (not your car’s manufacturer) standard replacements for the most common cars sold by large chain auto parts stores such as Kragen and Napa. While you can certainly purchase originals from your car’s manufacturer, you can expect to pay at least twice as much for them. On the other hand, these after market rear brake pads will meet or exceed original equipment specs, while saving you a considerable amount of money.

Auto 7® 120-0130 - Kia Sportage 2005-2010 Rear Brake Pads

Straight to the point... do not buy these. I bought this particular rear pads by mistake, not sure what I was thinking. The pads longevity is terrible. I do not ride that hard and I burned through them in approx. 2 1/2 to 3,000 miles. Buy cheaper/get cheap.