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  • Replacing a CV axle is required if one of the CV joint boots split, if oneof the joints or axles was broken while off-roading, or simply from wear ifone of the CV joints is clicking loudly while 4 wheel drive is engaged. Inany of these cases, a car parts store should accept your old axle as a"core" return when you buy a new axle from them. Left and right axles areidentical and interchangeable.

    I got an estimate from a local garage to replace both CV axles for $443. That’s about $100 per axle and $170 in labor, plus $60 for alignment plus tax. Is that a reasonable price to expect for this repair?

  • CV Axle Replacement: 45 to 90 minutes.

    On this video I replaced the CV axle on a Volvo 850. This proceedure is the same for many front wheel drive cars.

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    well when my brother took the axles out he didnt detach it from the intermediate shaft theyre both of the car but still together... im not replacing the intermediate shaft i said i need to take it off and put it on the new axle...yea the car has been dead in someones back yard for 2yrs ive done a full rebuild on it including replacing the cv axles, and i was going by the haynes manual (when i finally found it) says use a hydraulic press


  • replacing cv axle
    Amount: $199.95

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