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MAHLE Original OX 152/1D Oil Filter

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  • We also manufacture our own version of every OEM Oil Filter to exact factory specs. The Buy Auto Parts brand Oil Filters look, fit, and perform the same as the factory Land Rover Oil Filters. Because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are able to buy them at just a fraction of the price!

    The much-respected Land Rover name plate clearly indicates a vehicle sporting nice lines and also an exceptional motor and transmission. Land Rovers hold their value because of better design in addition to durability. If your needs include driving a lot of people around, go with a roomy vehicle that will offer you the comfort you seek by purchasing a Land Rover Discovery. If you want durable mechanical design and reliable service at a reasonable price, trust Land Rover vehicles. If an issue develops or a system ought to be fixed, that's not the time to save with a low-quality part. A Land Rover Discovery is meant to have efficiency-optimized auto parts to function at peak efficiency. When contemplating sturdy build and rugged dependability you need a powerful vehicle from Land Rover. Superior power and performance is easier with factory authorized parts designed to optimize the fuel system as well as guidance components. Land Rover Discovery Oil Filters prevent contaminants from growing in the lubrication system of a car. A working Land Rover Discovery Oil Filter is required for the efficiency of a vehicle's lubrication system because it keeps the engine oil decontaminated. The Land Rover Discovery Oil Filter is used by every car to clean your motor oil before it gets to the motor, so as to take away contaminants that may hurt the car. Usually the Land Rover Discovery Oil Filter is created from paper or cotton fibers and needs to be exchanged at the same time you have an oil change so as to extend engine life.

  • Land Rover cars are well-known for its performance and the quality. If all the components in your Land Rover works perfectly, you can enjoy a comfortable driving. In your vehicle, Land Rover Oil Filter is a contributing part which needs to be maintained perfectly. If you find any difference in the working of the Land Rover Oil Filter you need to get the good quality replacement part. You should maintain your vehicle in a perfect working condition to have a smooth drive. Nothing can be done if, the Land Rover Oil Filter does not work during the drive. You can avoid this problem by having a regular check on the working of the Land Rover Oil Filter. When you find any defect in the functioning of the Land Rover Oil Filter, you need to replace it as early as possible to get the best out of it.

    04 2004 Land Rover Discovery Oil Filter Mahle
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    • 2004 (04) Land Rover Discovery


    Land Rover Oil Filter
    K&N Filters Brand

    Land Rover Oil Filter
    K&N Filters Brand

    Land Rover Oil Filter
    K&N Filters Brand

Rover Discovery, Defender, Range Rover Engine Oil Filter - ERR3340R