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Could ultra-efficient cars like the new Shell concept car help address some of the world’s urban transport challenges?

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  • 1. Gather your hardwar: two axles, two straw bearings, four wheels, four washers, and two screweyes. Depending on the configuration of the car body, different hardware might be required. Shell cars (with internal wheels) often require wheel spacers and clips to affix teh axles to the car body.

    Not a lot of information has been released about SAIC’s SheLL Concept Car because it’s just so hard to wrap your head around, and given the Chinese translation issues, we’re not surprised.

  • The new 2011 CO2 Shell Car Tutorials include Mate References on the cylindrical parts. The new concentric and center plane Mate References makes the often challenging Assembly a "snap".

    We are not taking web based reservation requests at this time. Please contact our Shell show car scheduler, , for cost and availability. 90 days advance scheduling is recommended.

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    Showcars & Celebrity Appearances - Scheduled to appear*


    #29 Shell NASCAR Cup Car 

    #20 Home Depot NASCAR Cup Car 

    #77 Mobil 1 NASCAR Cup Car 

    Wix Hummer

    US Army dragster

    Jay Buckley – the Bendix Answer Man

    Also scheduled to appear:

    • Valvoline Funny Car w/ Jack Beckman
    • Autolite/Bendix Funny car w/ Cory McClenathan

    * If there is no driver listed, only the show car will be there.



  • With over 75 million fans, NASCAR is one of the fastest growing sports in America! Its 10-month race schedule and fiercely loyal fan base make the Shell Show Car Program a year-round promotional opportunity for you.

saw these amazing 3D printed Koopa Shell RC cars from Mario Kart