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QA1® - Oldsmobile 442 1968-1971 Front Pro Coil Shock Absorber System

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  • While the invention has been described in connection with the illustrated shock absorber system, numerous modifications will appear to those skilled in the art. For example, the time delay device may be incorporated in the relay 38. Also, instead of mounting the switching device 20 within the body of the shock absorber, it may be mounted exterior thereto. This would be particularly appropriate for hydraulic type shock absorbers. While the system is particularly suitable for shock absorbers in motor vehicles, it may also be used to advantage in other machines employing shock absorbers of the type disclosed.

    SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION FIG. 1 is a somewhat schematic sectional view in side elevation of a shock absorber monitoring system made according to the invention, and,

  • United States Patent 11 1 Grossman Sept. 3, 1974 54 SHOCK ABSORBER WARNING SYSTEM 3,186,730 6/1965 Angell 280/6 H x [76] Inventor: Sidney Grossman, 180 Samoset 3,687,483 8/1972 Gull et al...., 280/l24 F Ave., Quincy, Mass. 02160 Primary ExammerGeorge E. A. Halvosa Flledi 1973 Attorney, Agent, or FirmMorse, Altman, Oates & 21 Appl. No.: 329,402 B8110 52 us. c1, 188/1 A, 188/322, 200/52 R, 1 ABSTRACT 340/52 R An alarm system is provided for use on motor vehicles Cl. 1 t to monitor the ondition of the ehicles shock ab- [58] Field of Search 188/322, 266, l A; Sorbets The System includes a Spring 10aded switching 230/6 124 ZOO/52 R, 61-24; 340/52 R device mounted to each shock absorber and connected through a circuit to an alarm such as a light or References Cited buzzer which may be installed on the ,vehicles dash- UNITED STATESPATENTS board. The switching device closes" if the shock ab- 1,429,411 9 1922 Davidson 340 52 R Sorber telescopes beyond its normal Operating range- 2,779,013 1/1957 Chotro 2,816,186 12 1957 Rands et al. 200 52 R 5 Chums 2 Drawmg Flgures 1 SHOCK ABSORBER WARNING SYSTEM BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to shock absorber warning systems and more particularly is directed towards an automatic warning system adapted to provide a signal to a driver when the shock absorbers for the vehicle become excessively worn. v

QA1® - Pontiac Firebird 2000 Rear Pro Coil Shock Absorber System