EBC Double-H Sintered Metal Brake Pads FA197HH

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EBC Brakes FA196HH Sintered Copper Alloy Disc Brake Pad

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  • In recent years, various motorcycle manufacturers have started providing, what is called, sintered brake pads with their high-end performance motorcycles right from the factory. Known to offer better performance over conventional or organic brake pads, sintered brake pads have now become more or less the standard choice for riders of performance oriented motorcycles. So what is it?

    While all of the positives of sintered brake pads are appealing, they do have their drawbacks. One of these is the wear and tear that they put on rotors. In fact, if your bike’s rotors are not made to be used with sintered pads, you should absolutely not use them. Sintered pads produce more wear on rotors because they are so hard. If you are a casual rider who likes to opt for the easiest maintenance on your bike, you might want to choose organic pads because it is easier to change pads than it is rotors. Sintered pads are also louder than organics when the brakes are applied. You can expect to pay more for sintered pads because the materials and the processes used to make them are more expensive.

  • As the name suggests, sintered brake pads are created through the process of sintering where metallic particles are fused under heat and pressure to create a compound with very high resistance to friction. Nowadays, copper is used extensively in the creation of sintered pads.

    Sintered brake pads offer various advantages:
    - High resistance to friction
    - High resistance to extreme heat
    - Consistently good performance in various weather and riding conditions

    Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
    1721-1901DP Brakes 541 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$37.95
    1721-1902DP Brakes 542 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$40.95
    1721-1903DP Brakes 543 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$40.95
    1721-1904DP Brakes 544 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$40.95
    1721-1905DP Brakes 545 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$40.95
    1721-2134DP Brakes 533 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$37.95
    1721-2163DP Brakes 549 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
    1721-2164DP Brakes 550 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95

    • In brake pad shootout tests, DP Brakes were rated #1 in Germany's Motorrad magazine and England's Motorcycle News
    • Get high-tech performance in all conditions for your motorcycle with DP Brakes brake pads and shoes
    • Sintered metal dust-free compound design gives superior performance for consistent, hard stops and fade-free performance
    • Brake pads and shoes have a quick break-in period so you get maximum performance fast
    • Sintered metal compounds will outlast more organic or KevlaR&Reg; pads, and are safe for all OEM rotors
    • Excellent replacement pad for touring and street machines where pad durability is the main concern
    • Pad backplate has gray-colored aluminum oxide based ceramic material to keep heat away from caliper piston and brake fluid in extreme conditions for fade-free performance
    • Excellent brake performance in wet or dry conditions
    • Made with DP Brakes proven sintered metal material

    NOTE: NEVER USE SINTERED BRAKE PADS IN BIKES ORIGINALLY EQUIPPED WITH NON-SINTERED BRAKE PADS. Check your owners manual to see if sintered metal brakes were OEM equipment on your motorcycle.

    NOTE: All brake pads and shoes are sold in a set for one disc or drum. You must order one set for each disc or drum on your motorcycle

    They also maintain their performance during the transition from hot to cold temperature and vice versa. For this reason, they offer good bite as soon as they are put into use. Possibly the most appropriate condition for sintered pads is a race track where riders are heavy on brakes when going into a corner generating high levels of heat. Sintered brake pads offer the best performance in such situations. Even in a city, these brake pads are a better choice if one is a hard rider and rides in a variety of riding conditions. They also have a longer life than conventional brake pads. Combine this with their consistent performance and the choice becomes clearer.

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Back on subject we know that sintered brake pads last slightly longer but are they always the right choice? Well no, not always. Would you use your soft mud tyres in the middle of summer? Of course not why wear out a set of soft compound tyres on dry rocky terrain. But what most riders don’t realise is that having a summer and winter set of pads or tyres generally won’t cost you any more in the long run. you can still get the same wear out of both sets. The same analogy applies to brake pads. Sintered work well in wet weather and the wear rate is reduced due to the harder compound. Organic work well in dry weather. Swapping to organic in summer unless you live in a swamp (or ride Chicksands on a regular basis) will improve your brake performance and hopefully improve your experience.