2010-2011 Camaro V6 STS (Squires Turbo Systems) Turbo Kit

Squires Turbo Systems

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  • As the Tacoma pulls around several broken 'crawlers and lines up to take on the nasty rock ledge, the onlookers laugh at the idea of taking a slightly modified Tacoma over the Moab obstacles. With 6 inches of lift, 33-inch tires, and a 5-psi Squires Turbo System, the Tacoma crawls to the summit where the driver breaks into a four-wheeled victory dance. Squires Turbo Systems strikes again!

    Squires Turbo Systems calls this the first rear-mounted import turbo kit and we believe it. It's the first production piece for a Honda/Acura app that we know of. STS says there's no welding or fab needed for installation. The Utah company says the key is a patented 12-volt variable speed oil return pump (unlike a gravity feed oil return on a front-mount turbo) combined with a specially sized Garrett T3/T4 turbo. Also included in the kit is a TiAL wastegate, K&N Filter Charger and Precharger, HPC-coated intake and exhaust tubing, fitted silcon turbo hose, stainless-steel hose clamps, PCV system and plug-and-play wiring harness. STS claims impressive numbers: 217-wheel hp at 6 psi from a non-intercooled 1.6-liter on pump gas; 352-wheel hp on a modified 2.0-liter at 10 psi. Pricing unavailable.

  • As Rick Squires, VP of R&D at Squires Turbo Systems (STS), stands at the base of the Moab slickrock, he instantly feels a sigh of relief and perches himself next to the prototype Tacoma like a father hovering over his newborn son. As spectators peer into the engine compartment looking for the sound they all know is a turbocharger, Squires gestures for them to look under the truck where the remote-mounted turbocharger is located.

    We commend Squires Turbo Systems for the innovation and integrity of the concept it put forth, and we also appreciate the enormous potential it represents. Now all we have to do is lobby the OEMs to design bigger mufflers.

  • But how does the Squires Turbo System work? According to Squires, the turbo doesn't care where it's located, so why not mount it in a place with ample space? After removing the factory exhaust behind the catalytic converter, a patented Garrett turbo/TiAL wastegate assembly is hung in place of the muffler. A series of HPC-coated intake tubes runs the length of the truck and is plumbed back into the stock throttle body. After spooling up the turbo, the spent exhaust gases exit through the tailpipe.

With Turbos: LS1 Remote Mount Turbo System From Squires Turbo Systems

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