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  • Construction is ongoing at Canadian Tire Salmon Arm. We are currently completing the demolition phase and the structure for the familiar Canadian Tire entrance facade is underway. The service centre is starting to take shape as well as the Mark’s Work Warehouse inside. The project is on schedule for handover to the owner in February of 2013.

    Different vehicles have different degrees of difficulty when it comes to replacing control arms. In most cases, replacing a whole control arm assembly is far easier than replacing a single ball joint or a set of control arm bushings. Without the right tools, a bushing replacement will get out of hand very quickly. Before you know it, air chisels and Sawzall's are waking up the neighborhood and your vice is broken. Replacing the entire control arm assembly is definitely the way to go. Now, some control arm repairs can be a leisurely thirty minute job easily done in a driveway. Others may require more labor, compressing coil springs, or use of special tools. If it is your first time replacing something of this nature, having access to a service manual would be extremely helpful.

  • There are many great reasons to replace a or assembly. The most common reason is because either the bushing or the ball joint is worn out. Replacing either of these parts individually is typically a regrettable nightmare after realizing that rust always wins, special tools are needed, and it is five times the amount of labor than replacing the entire control arm assembly. Another really common reason for a control arm replacement is due to improper towing of the vehicle. Some inconsiderate tow trucks will latch their hooks onto a control arm which easily bends it into a pretzel. This is quite thrilling because it isn't always obvious that it is bent immediately after. Usually the car will have a slight pull in one direction or the nearest tire will start wearing in a strange fashion. Diagnosing this can be a bit tough, too, because the control arm assembly may look completely fine, until you compare it to a new one. When you do, the "AH HA!" moment happens, and the world becomes a better place. The last good reason for a control arm replacement is due to an accident. Whenever a vehicle suffers damage to the wheel area, control arm damage is inevitable. Although they are extremely strong, they don't stand a chance of staying straight during an impact.

    As always Roaring Toyz will build custom aftermarket parts for the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2. We plan to make all the usual suspects like extended swingarm, 240, 300 and 330 wide tire swingarm kit, custom wheels, lowering links, license plate brackets, mirrors, grips, caps, covers, clutch cover, tons of billet custom parts, exhausts, performance and appearance mods to make the new Ninja H2 run and look better than factory.

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    Re: Retrofit Spare Tire Swing arm?

    ^ its a little more bulky than what I had thought about but a good design!
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    Re: Retrofit Spare Tire Swing arm?

    If you mount on the body just make sure you reinforce it really well. I know the full size Bronco spare mounts could only handle a certain size tire then the weight started to destroy the sheet metal of the body.

    What size tire is it? I had a 32 under mine and Alon has had a 33 under his on the stock spare holder.
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