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Gianni Ferrari Turboloader Hedgecutter

Turbo Loader

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  • The second loader code (TapeLoaderCIAIRQ.a) contains reusable functions for turbo loading data which does use an IRQ and the CIA to time tape pulses. This code is used by MainSecondLoaderStart (IRQTape1.a) which is loaded by the first loader example and displays a pulsing sprite (with image data loaded from tape), a scrolling message, music and a count down timer of blocks left to load which then go to load the sprite multiplexor or LotD game demonstration.

    The save routine at $f867 is then called to save this data. Just before the data is saved the stop vector is claimed. This vector is claimed because it is called regularly during the save. This makes it possible to fool the kernal into only saving one copy of the data by causing the pass counter at $be to become 0 when it changes from the first pass (2) to the second verification pass (1). Saving in this way means the turbo loader can start loading data quicker instead of having to skip over the kernal verification saved data. Remember from the explanation above the initial turbo loader exits the kernal load one pass earlier than normal.

  • Turboloader is the Gianni Ferrari multi-purpose series with a tool carrier boom and articulated chassis. FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE for the most varied professional applications.

    This extra memory space allows us to include multiple section loading using lo/hi start/end pairs and also includes checksum load error detection. The IRQ and screen setup is also more robust. Using the extra memory makes this code more robust than the minimal turbo loader.

  • This code however is very simple and doesn't have nice things such as error checking and being able to load multiple parts. The autobooting turbo loader actually loads another turbo loader which fits into 255 bytes and adds some extra functionality. This is a bit too much hard work so lets hunt around for more memory to make our coding task a bit easier.

Gianni Ferrari Turboloader Trencher

This is our Gianni Ferrari Turboloader M360 is a 36 HP diesel pivot steer multi-purpose compact wheeled loader capable of operating a wide range of optional attachments including buckets, pallet forks, trenchers, brushes, post hole borers , excavators and snow plough
With its all up weight and the additional trailer at around 2000kg this can easily be towed by a suitable vehicle

Here are some specs for this machine

Engine Kubota V1505, water cooled 36hp diesel
Transmission 4WD, hydrostatic with 4 independent motors anti-slip valve
ROPS 4-post ROPS with plexi roof
Boom self-levelling, floating, hydraulic disconnection of attachments
Fuel tank 25 litres
Unloaded weight 1400kg
Length 247cm
Width 126cm
Height 210cm
Maximum lifting height 306cm
Maximum lifting capacity 2100kg