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  • The fact is that OEM parts are more reliable than poor-quality after-market options, and used parts may be the only option when you are dealing with older models that are out of production. Those specialized parts that are hard to find could cost a small fortune through other dealers, but we can help you save money. We search all over the country to help you find the factory parts you need for that restoration project or standard repair. We will do everything in our power to help you find that used part that perfectly matches your specifications. The price will be attractive because of the friendly competition between suppliers, and you will have the exact item you need at a price you can afford. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for parts for a hybrid, diesel or a specialty engine; we will help you find the right items. When you work with online used parts locating companies, you want to choose a name you can trust. We know that the same parts are often used on different cars and years, and that knowledge also helps us save you money. We never charge any fees, service charges or even restocking charges. It’s all part of our dedication to customer service and your satisfaction. We are here to help you save money, and that means offering you low, transparent prices without any surprises. Whether you are looking for Mazda parts or a replacement transmission for your Nissan, we can help you. All used parts dealers offer fast and convenient shipping along with great prices. Use our service today to see if we can help you find the parts you have been searching for. We’ll even help you save some cash in the process.

    Cleveland Brothers is a proud member of the Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association (CDUPA), an industry association which certifies the quality of used Caterpillar parts. Founded in 1995, CDUPA was formed to unify used Caterpillar parts dealers across the nation. The CDUPA mission statement reads, “We are committed to working together to improve communications and support action that will enhance product support activities for all CAT dealers.” With this iron-clad commitment to quality, you can be sure our parts meet and exceed industry standards for performance, meaning you'll find the best used parts at Cleveland Brothers.

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