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Motorola DROID TURBO Case, Kaleidio [Y-Stand] Rugged Protective Cover w/ Kickstand [Includes a Overbrawn Prying Tool] [Black/Turquoise]

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  • MyTurboPC is a comprehensive diagnostic program that increases the speed, performance, and security of your Windows based personal computer.

    With Moxa's Turbo Chain, network engineers have the flexibility to construct any type of redundant topology with minimum effort and maximum ease-by simply linking Turbo Chain to the Ethernet Network. Turbo Chain allows for unrestricted network expansion. Network engineers no longer need to go through the hassles of reconfiguring the existing network, simply use Turbo Chain to scale up the redundant networks.

  • #1, If you do not know what properly clocking a turbo is, do not even attempt to start installing a kit or building a kit with one of the On 3 Turbochargers. This is the most overlooked step and literally will be catastrophic to your turbo if you do not follow the instructions. Not only […]

    Boost control was, starting in 1985, computer controlled; the computer monitored eight parameters. Calibrated pressure limits were programmed into the system, which worked by actuating the wastegate via the wastegate actuator solenoid (on the pressure signal line, leading from the intake manifold to the wastegate actuator.) Higher boost pressures compressed a spring connected to an actuator rod, opening the wastegate (which bypasses the turbocharger). Detonation control was also handled by the computer; when knock was detected in a cylinder, it retarded timing in that cylinder only, and lowered boost into detonation stopped.

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TopCar Porsche 911 Turbo y Turbo S

As to the variable geometry turbo, it was still being developed with Garrett when I retired. My right hand man, Dick Winkles, was deeply involved with the Turbo II, which was supposed to have both a charge cooler and the variable geometry turbocharger. Dick was the overseer of the LeBaron coupes which paced the 1987 Indy 500. They ended up without the variable geometry, but were really impressive just due to the charge coolers. Dick had a ball at Indy. All the drivers wanted a drive in it. And they loved it..! Of course it wasn't sellable. Oh, yeah, it was a LeBaron convertible.